You are allowed to say yes to yourself!

You are allowed to say yes to yourself!

I want you take a moment and really just read those words to yourself!

You are allowed to say yes to yourself!

How does that sit with you? Does it make you squirm a little and say “well I guess so”? Or do you respond with a strong – “hell yes I am”!

For far too long myself, I never knew that I could say yes to myself. Looking back upon it now, I can see all the pain that this caused me. The sleepless nights worrying, the exhaustion from being everything for everyone else, all the time and energy spent with my thoughts which would stir me up into a panic. I have been there and I struggled through it and if you beautiful are reading the words “You are allowed to say yes to yourself!” and are squirming in any way, then I want nothing more than for you to learn how important this is.

I could list all the struggles in our lives caused by not saying yes to ourselves, and I am sure you have a list as well which is a mile long of all the ways you have put yourself last. Instead of that today, I want to give you a tip. I want to share with you one way to start saying yes to yourself (without you feeling like you are saying no to others).

I want you to bring more things into your life that are a “hell yes”. What do I mean by this? It is when you are asking yourself if you want to do something, if you find yourself wanting to think about it, or you just aren’t all excited by it, then that is not a hell yes! A hell yes is when you say say yes before you have had time to think about it because it interests you that much!

For example, It is a lazy Saturday afternoon, you have been relaxing at home on the couch watching TV after the household chores are done. Your partner walks into the lounge room and asks “do you want to go out for dinner” If you hesitate, pause, say ummm I don’t know – then this where you say no.

This is something I am really bringing into my life lately, it is as simple as a yes or no. Do you want to do ……. (fill in the blank) If you are finding yourself sitting there listing multiple reasons why it would be nice to go, or the benefits of going, I am strongly going to suggest that what you want to say is no!

Fill your life with what lights you up, that brings that excitement to your life. It truly is time to stop spending so much time and energy talking ourselves into doing things.

If this is something you are struggling with then I would love to have a chat with you to see how I can best support you to saying yes to yourself. Contact me and let us book in a time.

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