Skyhigh and Believe

Women's Connection Circles

This world constantly tries to define who you are by what you do, look like and have. It doesn’t understand the secret longing to be seen and how disconnected from yourself you feel. The world teaches girls to be strong and independent and it misses the magic of what happens when women gather together in a sacred space. The weight that is holding your shoulders down – will you put that aside for a moment?


Will you put that to-do list aside, take a deep breath and allow yourself a break away from your worries? To let your mind rest for a moment, as you connect with your heart and soul?


There’s no need to worry that you aren’t spiritual enough because those rules aren’t brought into this space. Don’t worry about what you will say in circle because I will be there to guide you, and this space is free from expectations.


There is a powerful connection that is created when women choose to step into sacred space together, and I welcome anyone who identifies as a woman into this space.


Carve out some time for yourself, restore and recharge your energy, and give yourself the gift of your time.


These Circles will be held around the Full Moon time online via Zoom and are free.


The first Circle will be on Sunday 20th January 7pm AEST and will run for approximately 1 hour.


To receive the details for the next Circle, subscribe to my weekly Sab’s Notes newsletter and in addition, you will receive my free workbook “Begin Nurturing You!” as a thank you.

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