When things aren’t panning out …

When in your life have you felt stuck?  When things are not panning out the way you want them to, and it seems just as you get your hopes up that you might be moving forward, POW, you move a couple of steps back. It feels hard like a struggle, and you begin wondering when you will get there.

The thoughts start swirling through your head as you try to find a reason why you are where you are. And then it hits you:

“You know what, its all their fault I am stuck.”

You can sit there for a good 30 minutes telling your bestie why this person is to blame for you feeling so stuck right now. I get it, we all need time to vent. There is nothing wrong with a good venting session with a trusted person in your life.

However, it is when you find you are telling your bestie, your mother, father, uncle, aunty, the next door neighbour, the checkout chick and basically anyone that will listen, that you need to take a moment to pause and reflect on what is happening.

Sure things may not be going as you planned, wanted or even imagined them to be. However, in this moment you have a choice, even though it may feel like all your options have been taken away from you.

Right now, you can choose to remain stuck in this drama-filled head space, or take one big breath, and realise the power is with you.

What will you decide?

If you are finding yourself stuck in this space and you want to move out of it, here are some tips that may help:

1 – Journal all your frustration and anger out. This is a great space to really open up your heart and just purge everything out. It feels so refreshing to do this.

2 –  Movement is a fantastic way to pick yourself back up. What movement do you enjoy doing? Weights at the gym? Dancing at home? A walk through the bush?

3 – Gratitude. When it feels like life is letting you down, finding the things which are amazing in your life can really help. Oprah is a huge believer in the value of gratitude and cultivating a daily gratitude diary. These prompt you to look for the good in the day as you are going about your life. Someone may hold open the door for you and it has you thinking, “Is this going to make my list at the end of the day”?

I would love to hear from you below in the comments and what tips do you have in this situation?


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