What would it take for you to see your bravery?

You woman, are brave.

Braver than you even realise.

What would it take for you to see it?


I listen to what you say, to how all the women around me tell me everything that they can’t do. They speak of their fears and a life which they find overwhelming. They talk of anxiety and family members that stress them out, especially around the festive season. They talk of everything that they are failing with, how even with all their hard work they are feeling like they are back in old habits. They talk, and if you listen to just the words they say, you would notice everything that they can’t do.


Instead though, I see everything they are. Women who are brave, who open up and share details of their life that others would prefer to hide away. Women who are strong because they show up for their self, and they show up for those they love and care about every single day.


The more I listen to women, I realise how every day we are facing our own stuff that scares us and this is where I see the beauty in the bravery. Even on the days where we would prefer to build a blanket fort in the living room and spend the day colouring in, women still find a way to show up.


If you want to, social media makes it easy to show your life as perfect, with the use of the perfect photos and the perfect comments. The beauty though is when you sit down with another woman and share from your heart and truly listen to what they say.


So woman, I need to let to you know that you are brave. Every time you face something that scares you and every time you share with another from your heart, you are so much braver than you realise.


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