Tuning in to your 2017 goals

I can feel your desire to bring change to your life, it is a New Year and I can feel how you want to dive straight in. There are so many ideas swirling around your head and this year you are telling yourself you are going to be organised. You are going to chase everything you want; you are just not sure where to start.

(Last week’s blog post I talked about New Years Resolutions and how setting them can be overwhelming. If you missed it click here to read it)

Now here we could talk about to do lists, and schedules, and vision boards, but that will be for another day. Right now though, I want to discuss taking some time to tune into yourself. It’s about taking a moment to just pause and really connect to what your heart desires.

This such an incredibly important step, and one which can be so quickly over looked. And I want to encourage you to really STOP, PAUSE and CONNECT. It is about taking a moment to find some quiet in this incredibly noisy world. Your parents, your partner, your family, your work, they all expect so much from you. The beauty in setting goals is that you don’t need to listen to what they want from you, it is your chance to listen to what you want from you.

So before you set yourself a goal, here are five things I would love you to consider:


What is that lights you up?

Is it losing that weight or is it using those paint supplies hidden in the back of your wardrobe?

Is it that local boot camp or is that yoga class?


Bring some curiosity to your life. I like to observe my life, to really notice where life feels good and where it feels forced and full of obligations. I begin to ask myself questions like – “What would happen if …”

  • I said no to going out for dinner with my friends
  • I tried something new (even if it means I have to go by myself)
  • I did not want my life to be filled with drama anymore

You are not broken

When setting goals, we may feel like we need to fix our self and feel that there is something wrong with us. I really need to let you know that you are not broken, you do not need fixing. You are enough just as you are. Goals are about adding more enjoyment and joy to your life, not about fixing you.


Check in with yourself, and ask “is what I want to do realistic”? It is not always the case that a bigger goal is a better goal, you are not in a race with anyone. I wish that I learned this one years ago, I have set some unrealistic HUGE goals in the past, and then wonder why I am stressed, overwhelmed, yelling at my husband and feel like I am making no progress. Can you really paint the house in a whole weekend?

How do you want to feel?

When you connect what you want with how you want to feel, the magic happens.

  • You want to lose ten kilos, how will that make you feel?
  • You want to not work those extra two hours a day at work, how will that make you feel?
  • You want to stop putting yourself last, how will that make you feel?

After looking at all this, you may be asking well what do I set a goal about? The answer is anything that lights you up! If you want to know more about goals and how I can help you, you can find more details here.

Happy goal setting!


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