The mid year check in

When the first of January rolls around, it is very common to check in with our self and set goals, new year resolutions, or a theme for the year. Most of us do this. The New Year has a buzzing vibe and the excitement of 12 months ahead of us to change our lives.

Then as the year rolls on, and the normal daily stuff needs to be done, that goal for the year can be forgotten about. Our brains tell us we failed, but there is a whisper of “we can try again next year”.

The thing is though you don’t need to wait to next year!

You can use the the half-way mark of the year as a time to connect with yourself and what you want for the remainder of the year. You can create new goals whenever you want; you do not need a shinning new year to connect within.

So make some time to connect with yourself, hermit away a little, journal and listen to what it is you want from your life.

When setting your goals, I have some tips to share with you –

  • Drop the judgement

When setting goals for ourselves, it can become a process of judgement. For example, you can find yourself saying “I am so fat I don’t fit in my jeans anymore. I have to lose weight”.

This process of goal setting is not about putting ourselves down, because honestly there is nothing wrong with you. You truly are enough already. Setting yourself goals is about connecting with your heart and living your life with joy.

So let us drop the judgement, and look instead to how you want to feel. For example, you could say “I want to fill my days with fun and run around with my children.”

Bring self compassion, rather than judgement, when setting new goals.

  • Connect with your intention

Hands up all the over achieving super women out there? I know those to-do lists you write can have a hundred things on them, and you only have time for five. However, creating yourself a goal for the rest of the year is not about just adding another thing to your list.  It is not about stressing yourself out more than you already are.

Connect in with why you are creating this goal? What is it that is motivating you?

  • Be practical

Let’s use an example for this. If your goal is to feel connected with yourself, and you want to explore this connection with meditation and journaling, is it realistic to say you will make this part of your morning practise when the time you need for this may mean you need to get up at 4am?

Of course there is a balance between stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and being something that long term you may struggle with maintaining.

Look at your goal and ask yourself if it is realistic.

  • Think outside the box

Your goals can be anything at all that you want and, because you don’t need to publicly declare them to the world, you can put aside that fear that other people may not understand what you want.

It does not have to be about something physical. It doesn’t have to be about your career, your money or buying something.

The goal you set can be about something solely for you. For example, you may set a goal about making yourself a priority in your life. And to do this it might look like saying no to things you feel obligated to going to, committing to journaling once a week, committing to reading one book that will nourish you, or starting your morning by asking yourself “how do I want to feel today?” and using that guiding word as your compass.

You can bring your dreams to reality.

  • Make sure it is for you

When setting goals for yourself, please make sure that they are for you. Not something that someone else wants you to do. Not to keep your partner happy, or your parents happy or someone else happy.

This is about committing to yourself.

  • Connect with how you want to feel

This goal you have created for yourself, ask yourself – How will this make me feel? Take a deep breath and see how that sits in your body.

Does it feel right for you?

If you would like to share what your goal is for the second half of this year I would encourage you to comment below or email me. I love seeing what inspired action you are taking to create your life.



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