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What an incredibly powerful word. It means “to raise from the dead, bring to life again” But is it possible as a person to feel this? Is there are part of you which you are so disconnected from the only word to describe it is ‘dead’? What would you need to go through to feel resurrected?

These were just some of the questions racing through my mind in the lead up to Susana Frioni’s Sacred Dance Party: Resurrected, which I attended a couple of weekends ago here in Brisbane.

In the lead up to the night I was so anxious and unsure of what to expect. I felt such a strong desire to be there, however my head was moving fast, there were moments my fear would just kick in. So when my head wanted me to listen, I would find one more person to tell that I was going. I was so excited by what could unravel on this night, that when I shared this with others I connected to that desire of wanting to be there, to connect to that which had me drawn to the night.

I chose one of my black dresses and a magenta scarf to wear on the night, it was after all a girl’s night out, it was night to have fun, let your hair down and dance the night away. I was ready for the night, and with my heart racing, my brain in overdrive I was repeating to myself “It is only dancing for two hours”. Even though the nerves had kicked in, I was so excited for what was to unfold. As I stepped into the room, I looked around and I could feel the amazing energy, I knew it was going to be a powerful night and was truly one for me to release. I had arrived by myself with time to mingle beforehand, and it was so beautiful seeing all the gorgeous women who reached out to connect before the dancing started.

The night which unravelled for me, I am not sure if I can find the words to explain. It was truly such an intense night for me. As we danced to the incredible playlist, it was interesting to notice how my body felt. They say old energy and emotions become stagnant in our bodies, and dancing that night unlocked so much of this. Susana created such a sacred space and her presence in the room to guide, nurture and support everyone there was incredible.

It was a night to release myself from so much, it was one to let go of control, to stop battling with myself, to allow myself to feel and to cry. When the dancing finished, and as we shared our stories with each other about the shifts we had just experienced, I felt so incredibly grateful. I was grateful I trusted my heart, and that that night I had walked with my fear, not lead with my fear. So much shifted for me that night, layers were peeled back and my heart cracked open in a way I have never felt before.


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