Reflecting on the year that was

I have heard many different ways to sum up 2016 –

  • Can’t wait for it to be over
  • It’s been tough
  • I am exhausted
  • It has been a constant push
  • Full of unexpected surprises

I would love to ask you though, how would you sum up this year? Is it one you look back on fondly, or one you feel was a struggle to get through?

I find that is so incredibly worthwhile reflecting back on what the past year has given to you. The lessons you have learned along the way, all the moments you want to celebrate and everything that you’re grateful for.

When I reflect back on a year, I discover how my feelings may have shifted about certain areas. I remember the awkward moments and the uncomfortable conversations, and I look back at them now, and I can see the opportunities for growth they gave me.

I look back at everything I have achieved and my “done” list is huge, but the moments that I treasure the most are the experiences. There are two that stand out in my mind, and both of those moments for me were about healing some old pain, and today I feel so incredibly lighter for the wounds I have healed this year.

Reflecting back on the year, I believe, can be a really personal moment. It does not need to be just about everything you have done. Widen it to include experiences that mean so much to you. Or those people in your life that you are so incredibly grateful for.

You can choose how much time you want to allocate to this. If you are finding that you are short on time, then find five minutes make your cup of tea, sit in your favourite spot and think about everything you are grateful for from 2016. If you are on holidays and have the luxury of having spare time, then grab your journal and find yourself a beautiful spot.

I just want to really encourage you to take some moments before the year is over, and connect with what this year means to you. The struggles, hardships, joy, lessons and gratitude all make up your year. If there is something you would love to share from your journey in 2016, then please either comment below or email me.


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