One question to ask yourself before you say yes

One thing I have learnt on this journey, is that when you shine light on the struggle that is when you are able to bring about change. So today I want to encourage you to become curious with your own life because I see so many of us with a common struggle.

So here I am wondering if you can relate to this at all?

Even though we hear all the time to live life our way, it feels like it comes with a BUT.

  • BUT they will be upset
  • BUT they want me to do
  • BUT I can’t tell them that

There are times when I have heard people say “live your life for you” and my nose crinkled up and I looked at them and replied “well, that it is easier said than done.” You see I know the feeling inside when someone says “live your life for you”. It is a weight that is permanently resting on the shoulders, it is always there, whether you notice it or not. It is a pressure that makes you doubt telling others what you want to do.

Do you feel this pressure?

Perhaps this is something you can relate to. Geez saying no to others is hard. You really don’t want to disappoint them. But you see, what happens when you say yes where you want to say no, is that you let yourself down.

If this is you – a person who struggles to say what you want – I need to let you know that I get it. The more exciting side of this is, I know how proud you will feel of yourself when you say yes to you.

It is okay to let go of this pressure, and it is okay to say no to something you really do not want to do. For example if you do not want to go out on Saturday night, then say no! Stay home and do what you want.

So, before you say yes to something,

I would encourage you to ask yourself:

“Is this what I want to do?”


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