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When you hear the word love, what is that comes to mind? Is it a person you love, your family, your partner or perhaps your fur babies? Or is it a treasured memory you have? All those little moments spent with those closest to you? Like the nights you stayed up late chatting and laughing away?

However, if I was to ask you to list all the people you love in your life, how long would it take to list yourself?

Somewhere along the line between a little girl and being an adult, I believe the message got all messed up. We were taught to judge and criticise ourselves, rather than give ourselves love and acceptance which leaves us with feeling like we are just not good enough. Not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, we are just not enough. Somewhere we were taught that we need to walk through life feeling like we are not enough.

While this may be how it has been, we do not need to carry this way of thinking with us into the future.

The change can start right now.

The change can start with you.

The change is LOVE.

Oh how I wished I could just click my fingers and you could just wake up tomorrow loving yourself. So I will  pass on five tips to help you love yourself a little more –

  1. Be aware of how you talk to yourself

You spend the most amount of time with yourself, and how you speak to you is so important. If you make a mistake at work, what do you say to yourself? Are you berating yourself, or accepting that mistakes happen? Start to bring awareness to what you are saying, and just ask yourself would you say that to your best friend?

  1. Notice what you say about others

Being aware of what you say about others, especially when they are not around, is an important awareness to have. You see, this criticising ourselves can easily also be criticising others and when you are trying to bring more love into your life, it is something you want to share around.

  1. Write a list of all the things you like about yourself

Keep it in your journal, or put it on the fridge or your desk at work. Remind yourself whenever you need it of all the amazing things about yourself.

  1. Go easy on yourself

If you are someone who does judge and criticise yourself, go easy on yourself through this journey. It is not going to change overnight; it is small steps every day. On those days when it feels like we go backwards as well, you need to go easy on yourself, you are doing a great job, it just all takes time.

  1. Who you surround yourself with matters

If you surround yourself with judgemental people, you are likely to be more judgemental. However, as Oprah says, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”

This may mean you might have to try new things to meet new people. For those of you in Brisbane looking to connect with like-minded women, you may want to check out my Women’s Connection Circle. This event is an intimate gathering of twelve women only, and it is a chance for you to take some time out just for you. You can find more details here.



  1. I love this Sabrina! It’s so true our awareness around self talk, our judgement of others and who we hang out with can all have such a profound effect on our inner world and how we feel about ourselves. I particularly love your tip on writing a list of all the things you like about yourself!! xx

  2. Kristy, so glad you liked it. Our outer world really does impact how we feel about ourself, unfortunately we are not always aware of the impact it can have. I remember a time where I struggled writing anything nice about myself, I have found it to be a really powerful exercise.

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