Skyhigh and Believe

Kind Words

I had been thinking of seeing a life coach for a few months before that fateful encounter with Sabrina. I had been following a few different coaches on Instagram kind of weighing up if that’s what I really needed or not when one of Sabrina’s posts sung to me, it was the universal nudge that I needed and took the leap! LISTEN TO THE UNIVERSE PEOPLE! The universe truly does have your back if you are willing to trust it. I was unhappy and floundering with where I was at in my life when we first connected and I was left with so little energy at the end of every day.

Although I have worked with sports coaches and all sorts of teachers, I had never worked with someone one on one before. It does take a bit of courage to let yourself open up to someone to allow them to help you work on yourself, your dreams and desires.

My biggest change would be my perspective on life, that in turn affects EVERYTHING. Coaching with Sabrina was life-changing, encouraging and motivating.

Samantha Jayne Ball
Creative director at The Long Haired Yogi

“Sabrina is a coach with heart. She is incredibly teachable and as a result she puts what she learns into not just her own life but into her coaching business.

She walks what she talks about and I love that about her. Sabrina’s growth into nurturing herself means that she is the perfect coach for helping women who are overthinkers to create a joy filled life. Her strategies are easy to implement, she is a fabulous listener and she is a committed to helping you with all her heart and soul. I have no hesitation in recommending Sabrina as a coach to anyone who’d love to create a joy filled life, one where you get to ditch the over thinking.”

– Dianna Braybrooke
Life Coach

As a newbie to women’s circles I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, I was just excited to gather with other soulful women. Sabrina holds such a beautiful space for women to connect, support each other and truly indulge in meditation and sacred activities (which are aaaamazing!!). The structure of the circle was divine and Sabrina does a truly beautiful job of guiding us throughout our time together in a relaxed and trusting way. I deeply loved every minute, there is truly something very powerful in women coming together like this. Love it!!

– Kristy Jamieson

When I first connected with Sabrina, I was really wanting to embrace my femininity. I was looking to be more grounded and to learn to apply a lot of the learning I had with regard to self-love and self-acceptance. By the end of the first session, I knew Sabrina was the one for me. I felt she really ‘got’ me, which is important to me. Sabrina provided me with a good ear, a kind heart, an open mind, a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of understanding.

Coaching with Sabrina was uplifting, real and supportive. By the end of the coaching series I noticed that I do feel better about myself. That I’m learning to embrace ALL of me and I am giving myself permission to have solitude.

Sabrina is a kind, caring woman with a lot to give.

– Rosa Palermo

Having never done coaching before I was not sure what to expect, but I thought it might be beneficial to set some goals; I just didn’t realise how beneficial it would be. Before my coaching series I was struggling with my weight and healthy eating, I wanted to connect with my spirituality, but wasn’t sure how. And even though I have my own business I was unhappy at work.

From the first session Sabrina made me feel very comfortable. The biggest change for me was internally. Being able to tune into my own intuition, connect with nature and focusing on where my food comes from has been life changing.

The coaching series with Sabrina was meaningful, amazing and enjoyable. I have created foundations I want to expand on now and am very excited to do so.

– Kate Symonds