It is all the little moments

From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning your day is non-stop. It feels like there is a million and one things on your to-do list to get through, none of them are for you, they’re all for everyone else. You exercise because you should, you work because you have to, and when you add in everything that has to be done for running your home and caring for your family, the day becomes pretty packed.

Can you relate to this at all?

I wonder though, when our days are so crammed full and we are constantly rushing from task to task to task, and crashing exhausted at the end of the day, thinking of the to-do list we have to get through tomorrow and wondering what time we have to set the alarm to get through everything; how many little moments did we miss during the day?

Moments like these –

  • Birds chirping in the morning
  • Looking at the clouds in the sky
  • Enjoying your cup of tea or coffee
  • Noticing your breathing
  • Looking into the eyes of your partner or children
  • Asking your children how their day was, and enjoying every moment of excitement as they share with you
  • Spending some time not looking at social media
  • Noticing three things in your day to be grateful for
  • Hugging your partner
  • The colour of the sky as the sun sets

Life is made up of so many little moments, and somehow it feels to me that what has come to matter most in our day is our list of never-ending tasks. From the moment we wake in the morning we are on the go and somehow if we dared to do something fun or got caught up in the moment and missed completing something that was not on the to-do list then we feel like we have failed. We stress about it, we overthink it. The real joy of the moment slips by us.

In days where drinking your cup of coffee cold is normal and you still do not get through everything you need to, I am aware that this might all seem a little luxurious, unnecessary, just another thing to get through or even lazy. I would really like to challenge you to find one moment you can fully be in, just one moment in your day made up of hundreds if not not thousands of moments. One moment where you notice everything around you, from your breath: is it shallow or deep? To how your body is feeling: notice anywhere that is tense? To the temperature: is it cool, or hot, is there a breeze? What smells are there?  What sounds can you hear?

I would love you to comment below and share with me, what is one moment you can or have fully embraced today?

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