Is it time to give yourself some praise?

This time of year seems to be so incredibly busy. Can you really believe we are about to be in December? This time of year just seems to be so much more hectic and chaotic than the rest of the year. We spend so much time running around to keep the peace, and to make sure that everyone is happy with us. Trying your best to ensure there is no problems and trying to avoid any kind of family drama, because your tired and you just don’t really want to get into another situation with your family.

I feel you, tired, drained and looking after everyone else. So I just would like to take a moment to ask you, is it time to give yourself some praise? That to-do list will still be there tomorrow, and I am sure that the last thing on your mind is doing anything for yourself, but what would it hurt for just the next few moments if you did just that?

Can you put that to-do list out of your mind, (for just five minutes), turn on the kettle and make your favourite cup of tea or coffee? Find your most favourite spot to sit; is it outside where you can hear the birds and see the blue sky? Is it a comfy reading chair you have inside? Is it the front step? Where ever your favourite spot to sit is, go there with your cuppa and just take one deep breath. Now for what might be the hardest part for you, I would love you to give yourself some praise. Tell yourself how amazing you are, and embrace it.  While you are finishing your cuppa, just enjoy this one moment of stillness in your day, because you deserve it.

If you are struggling with giving yourself some praise, I would really like to you email me so that together we can help you see your brilliance.


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