SD12 - Comp

Is it time for you?

I see you working hard for your life. You have always done everything that everyone told you would make you a success. You worked hard at school and university, you graduated and you chose all the right jobs, you may even have your own home or your own family. However, as you look around, you feel like something is missing but it just doesn’t quite make sense. You did everything you parents wanted you to, everything that was expected, everything that you were told would make you happy. You followed the rules, however somehow there is a still a niggle, something inside you wanting just a little more. However, everyone around you says you are happy. Surely, they must be right?

What could be missing, you have everything that you have worked hard for decades for?

However, I see you wanting something more from your life, even though you may not even be sure what that actually is. And that is okay. It is more than okay to look around your life, and ask yourself, what do I want for myself?

Oh I understand, working hard to make your parents proud, you want to make sure that they do not have to worry about you. You want to be successful, but sometimes that push and drive can make you feel a little off-centre and maybe just start wondering who are you doing all this for?

If this sounds like you, take a breath. It’s okay.

It is an exciting place to be. You are starting to stir, and it does not mean you have to throw everything you have worked so hard for away. It is not like that at all.

The exciting times are just ahead. If you can for a moment, I understand you are probably constantly overthinking, just see if you can take a big breath, just feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe, because truly it is a special place you are in.

If you are here, if you can relate, my word to guide you is “curiosity”. It is time to become curious with your life, and find out about what lights you up. Take a moment to think back to when you were 16, sitting on your bedroom floor on the weekend. What where you into? Is there something from here you wished you had never lost interest in? If not, what is something you always say, “One day I am going to try…”

The thing is, when you are here, when you feel that niggle inside you and you look around not quite sure what is missing, it does not mean you made a mistake anywhere, it means it is time for you. It is your time to find what your passion is, and to do this using curiosity is the best way forward.



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