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Is it time for you to start saying Yes to yourself?

I mean truly saying yes to you! Yes to believing in yourself, Yes to encouraging yourself, Yes to loving yourself, Yes to living life on your terms.

This world we live in can tell us so many times in one day: NO. There are some days where it feels like it is screaming NO at us constantly. No, we are not pretty enough. No, we are not smart enough and No, we are not worthy enough. There are some days where just one NO feels like a ginormous mountain, where you may just feel like you are beaten, where you believe the NO.

However, have you ever noticed how you hear NO so much more easily in your day than YES?

You hear all the NOs to you, however when you find yourself look around and all you see is everyone around you that you say Yes to all the time. You look at your family and see all the time you have given to them, you look to your friends and how many times you have dropped everything because they have needed a hand, you look at your boss and see all the extra you have done to help their business. You look around and see how many people that surround you that you say Yes to all the time.

You say Yes to everyone around you. You are a kind, generous, loving person taking care of those closest to you. However, the end result of all of this is really, how many times have you said No to yourself?

Said No to yourself, when you had to put your workout aside.

Said No to that quiet hour reading your book.

Said No to … (you fill in the blank)

I understand that these people are the closest to you, they are your parents, partner, siblings, close friends, and a lot of the times we can look at all the single situations and justify why we had to say Yes to them. I understand they are important to you, and I understand you have responsibilities.

The thing is though, it is a pattern and it creates a routine. A routine where you think of yourself as the last option.

So I ask, is it time for you to start saying Yes to you?

Yes to reading that book

Yes to that quiet uninterrupted cup of coffee

Yes to that walk

Yes to that class at the gym

Yes to that long bubble bath

Yes to buying those lovely candles

Yes to …

Yes to …

Yes to …

I would love for you to share below what you are going to say yes to today for yourself.


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