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Is it time for you to ask for what you want?

What happens when the thing you most want is also the thing that you are too afraid to ask for?

Today I have one important message I really want to share with you. “This life you are living it is yours! Yours and yours alone.” I know in our hearts we already know this, of course we are living our life. Even though we know this, why then is it when you want to do something that others won’t approve of, does that knot in your stomach appear? Or why do you only tell a select trusted few of your dreams and wishes? Why do we not loudly shout it all from the rooftops and tell the world? Why does that fear of disappointing others rule us so much that we freeze at times in our own life?

I would like you to take a moment to think back to those awkward moments in your life. Those conversations you have had where you just knew you were going to be a disappointment because what you were going to say is not what they wanted for you.  Or perhaps instead you have a list of those conversations that you did not have, because you did not want to be that disappointment in their eyes.

So then how do you stand tall, confident and still walk your path in this life, even though it means others might be disappointed in you? Today I would like to share a couple of tips with you –

  • Journal it out

Journaling is a fantastic way to be able to express yourself without censoring. Take the time out to really connect in with what you want and  why. Spend as much time as you need to clear your head and it is a great way to just listen to yourself.

  • Forgiveness

In order to move forward with the life you want to create, so that you can  do the things that makes your eyes sparkle, you need to release yourself from the past. Normally when you hear the word forgiveness, it is about forgiving those who have hurt you. While this is an incredibly important part to healing any pain from the past, I want to really focus on for a moment forgiving yourself. If you have stored in your memory every time you have let someone down, then it is time to forgive yourself. This will take time, but truly I believe is so important when it comes to moving forward

  • Create a vision board

This is a great chance to get creative and have a little fun. You see the life you want, now is your chance to create a visualisation of it. You can make a physical one, or if paper, glue and scissors isn’t for you there is always Pinterest.

  • Talk about it

Now you are clear on what you want, you can see it, it is time to start talking about. Think of it like you are talking your future into existence. Sentences like “I am going to …. “ or “ One day I would like to …” . A few of these sentences in a relaxed environment help to build your confidence, and before you know it the excitement you feel, will have everyone around you excited for you.

If this is something you can relate to, feeling like for you to live the life you want would mean disappointing others, then let us talk about how coaching may be able to help you to get clear in your vision, and confidently express this to others. Head to the work with me page and let us book in a complimentary chat to see how I can support you.


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