Skyhigh and Believe

Begin Nurturing You - Your Free Workbook

Your right index finger starts tapping away, so fast there is no way you could count how many times it is tapping.

Before you realise it most of the other fingers on that hand are tapping away.

You grab your phone, and mindlessly scroll through your Facebook feed.

Not really taking notice of any of the posts. You hit like though as you scroll past your best friends post, and you begin wondering when was the last time you saw them.

That impatient feeling appears at the bottom of your throat.

You close the Facebook app.

Open up Instagram instead.

Usually there is some motivational inspiring quote in your feed that can get you to focus, but today it just isn’t happening.

That familiar feeling has settled in at the bottom of your throat. It makes it hard to concentrate and focus on everything you have to do.

You scold yourself because you aren’t doing enough, you need to do more, and stop wasting time.

There is never enough time.

The days all blur into one, and really it is just all starting to feel like same old same old.

You live for the weekends, but what if you could have moments of joy seven days a week, not just when you clock off work on a Friday night?

It begins with finding little ways to nurture yourself; like –

  • Finishing work on time.
  • Moving your body in a way that feels good, not because it burns the most calories.
  • Discovering what brings you joy, and bringing that into your every day.
  • Finding pockets of stillness.
  • Soothing your nervous system.
  • Saying no to doing something because you should.
  • Saying yes to something that brings a smile to your face.
  • Understanding your energy.
  • Deep soulful chats.
  • Crystals and charkas.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Chocolate.
  • Not putting yourself last in your life.

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