Four reasons I love Women’s Circles

On the 27th November 2016 I am hosting a Women’s Connection Circle, so today I wanted to share with you a little about why I love circles so much. Perhaps if you are new to a women’s circle then this might answer any questions that you may have.

  • It is a space free from judgement

I personally find that we spend so much time in our heads, with a thousand and one thoughts all analysing everything. What we should be doing, what we are doing wrong, what others would think of us if they only knew X, Y or Z about us, what we are secretly scared of. All of this just swirls around in our heads, keeping us up at night and at times feeling isolated from others because who else could really relate to what is swirling through our head?

When we come together in circle, we create space a free from judgement. It is a space where if you choose to share to speak, no one is there to judge you or to offer advice. It is a space for you to speak freely and to know you are loved exactly as you need to be in that very moment.

  • You come as you are

There is no expectation for you to be anything but the amazing women you are, right now. Your presence is enough.

  • Connection & Support

Women shine their best when they connect with others, share from the heart and support each other. Let me tell you from personal experience, I have shared thoughts and feelings from the bottom of my heart in circles, where I have been heard and in that moment I felt so incredibly connected. You see you are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, you do not need a list of solutions.  It is a space for you to share and feel supported.

  • Connect with yourself

This is about taking time out for yourself. For just a couple of hours dropping what everyone else expects from you, and the only person you need to connect with, is yourself. You turn your phone off, you leave the to do list at home, you take a big breath and you just focus on the very moment you are in.

If this interests you and you are based in Brisbane, you can click here for more details or if you have any questions please contact me. I really am excited to be hosting this and I am so looking forward to seeing you there.


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