Skyhigh and Believe



A women’s connection circle is about taking some much deserved time out to connect with your heart, your desires and your dreams. There truly is a powerful connection created when women sit in circle together, a space I would be honoured to share with you.


I have found that when you are wanting to bring about changes in your life you can, at times, feel really alone. You start wondering where you fit in and you find that some conversations you have just leave you feeling blah, they just do not fill you up like they used to.


The space which I create for you is one where you come just as you are. The circle is free from expectations, judgements and comparisons. So, if you worry you’re going to say the wrong thing, or that you are not spiritual enough to be there, or worried about what others might think of you, I truly want to put your mind at ease. I welcome you in this space no matter where you are on your own path. You choose on the day how much or how little you are comfortable sharing with the other women in the circle.


The circle is a space for you to restore and recharge your own energy. It is about taking some time out of your busy life, away from the demands of everyone else, and looking after yourself. It is a chance for you to say yes to yourself for a couple of hours, and couldn’t you do with that?


The circle is an intimate gathering for 12 women only. There will be a guided mediation and journaling. It is space where you are free to express yourself and to be seen, heard and supported.





Feedback from women who have previously attended


“As a newbie to womens circles I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, I was just excited to gather with other soulful women. Sabrina holds such a beautiful space for women to connect, support each other and truly indulge in meditation and sacred activities (which are aaaamazing!!). The structure of the circle was divine and Sabrina does a truly beautiful job of guiding us throughout our time together in a relaxed and trusting way. I deeply loved every minute, there is truly something very powerful in women coming together like this. Love it!!”
Kristy J


“It bought me back to honouring my authentic self and giving my spirit a boost. A grounding and personal experience to practise at any stage.”
Shandel L.


“It has give me clarity and allowed me to come into a state of calmness.
Very relaxing, open and free”
Christie C.


” I feel good. Being in the circle I have more knowledge that my problem is really not so bad.
The circle encouraged me to speak more about myself.
It is interesting and I like it.”
Herlina P. 



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