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Do you feel the pressure to have your life all sorted out?

Sometime after leaving high school, there seems to be this button pressed – that magically says “You are now an adult, all your life has to be figured out”. It is the day that you became a responsible adult, complete with an enormous list of everything you should be doing. Everything that everyone who knows us expects from us.

If you decided though to mention that you might be doing something a little different, you get that dreaded look from your friend and they say “why would you want to do that?”

Your heart sinks, you shared something with them that excites you, that brings a smile to your face, and they shoot your idea down.

Or perhaps you are getting the other sort of dreaded questions – when are you going to do …. ? You know: settle down, have children, buy a house… the list goes on and on.

I know that these people care about us, and that is why they ask us these things, however it is just that I also know the feeling you can be left with. It’s feeling like no matter how hard you are working it just isn’t good enough. Feeling that no matter what you do, you will never be adult enough. Feeling that everyone else has their life sorted, and, well, you don’t.

You are spending every day striving to be a perfect adult and have everything sorted out, however it feels like you can not keep with all the demands, and that one day you will just buckle underneath all this pressure that is building up.

So what is that you do, when it feels like adulting is just feeling like too much pressure to have everything sorted? You give yourself some space, some space to think, to feel, to process, and to work out what it is this life you want?

You see, the thing that we forget sometimes when you are just trying to keep up, is that this is our life, that we do get to choose. There may be times when what it is that we want, others might not understand, and that is okay. But it truly is up to you.

So grab yourself a pen and paper, and write the list of what you want from your life.



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