Buying a pair of sneakers should be simple!

I have a story to share about buying a pair of sneakers. However before I do I feel you need to know though that I hate shoe shopping and my feet hate shoes, so this is not normally an enjoyable experience, it is a chore to me, something which is only done out of necessity.

I am lucky that with my workplace there is some flexibility with what I wear to work and as there are days I can spend a lot of time on my feet, I decided I would try a nice casual-looking black sneaker. After looking online and working out what I wanted, I decided a few weeks ago to go shopping and buy a pair.

The shop did not have my size in black. So I tried on the white and they were the perfect fit. It would take a week to order a black pair in for me, but it was Sunday and I wanted these shoes for Monday. So I looked at the white pair on my feet, and said that I will take these and asked to order me the black as well.

Without a second thought, I walked away with a different colour pair of shoes than I intended to buy.

It’s okay if you are feeling a little puzzled at the moment. It even took me a couple of days to realise what had just happened.

In comparison, this is how buying these pair of shoes would have happened a few years ago:

I would have tried on the white, and sat in the store with them on for an extremely long period of time. With my very patient husband hearing me say things like “ are you sure that white is going to be ok?”,“But I really wanted black, I am just not sure on the white?”, “Is the white too bright?” or “I am just not sure” over and over and over again.

I would have told the salesman “I will have a think about them” and then spent at least an hour walking around the shops – not looking at any other shops, just working out if I was going to buy these in white or not. I would have been repeating the questions I was asking my husband in the store, “are they too bright?”, complaining it is too hard, wondering if we should go to another shopping centre, wondering what are my work mates going to say about my white shoes because they are bright, like really bright. Are they perhaps too bright?

Then if I decided that I would buy them, because I needed shoes for Monday, never mind that the shoes are comfy and my feet liked them, there would have been a repeat of the above at home that night and even when I was getting ready for work the next morning.

That was then. This is now. I had bought a pair of shoes in a different colour than I had intended to buy, simply because they were comfy and I liked the colour. I had avoided my own drama-filled meltdown. I bought what I liked and it did not even occur to me to wonder what someone else might say about it. When I realised the whirlwind I had simply bypassed that day, I smiled and chuckled at myself.

When I wore them to work, others noticed and complimented me on my new shoes. And what a relief it was to not read into anything that they said, to not have my brain wondering “but they said they are white, does that mean they don’t like them?” I am sure you can imagine the lengthy conversation in the past would have been like with my husband that night; “I am not sure if they like my shoes or not”, “I don’t know if I should wear them tomorrow”, etc.

Perhaps you can relate to this? A time where you thoughts have just run away from you almost like they have a mind of their own. I would love to when you find this happens to you? Comment below!


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