Skyhigh and Believe

As young girls growing up, there were many things we may have been taught. How to make scones with your favourite Aunty (the magic touch is all about getting the temperature of the butter just right and with your fingertips mix it with the flour), how to fold the towels the right way by your Mum (It starts with the corners matching up just right) and how to drive by your dad (No matter how many times you bunny-hop and stall the car, he’s always there until you drive off smoothly).


One main lesson though, that has probably carried through life with you, was to always be respectful, polite and kind.


You say “yes” to going to the family gathering, because that is the polite thing to do. (Even though you are exhausted after your hectic week and you really would like just an hour or two to yourself to unwind a little)


You bite your tongue at work rather than speaking your mind because you don’t want there to be an argument or to be seen as making a big deal out of nothing.


You stress out about saying “no” to anyone for any reason, because what if they think you aren’t a nice person? The thought of saying “no” turns your stomach to knots. And perhaps if you are like me there have even been times when you have made up a story as to why you can’t go and then worried about them finding out.


Somewhere along the line, we were taught that being polite and kind was more important than being honest and ourselves.


We say “sorry” before we speak.


“Sorry” for taking up space, for needing our own time and eating the wrong foods.


We say “sorry” for not exercising the right way, for being too emotional and for crying.


Our lives are spent second-guessing and full of doubt, constantly apologising for who we are and what we want.


We are polite.


Otherwise the alternative would see us being called unhelpful.


The word “sorry” is more than just one little word, it is a powerful word. It is the word that connects us when we have made a mistake and feel remorseful. However, the word “sorry” seems to have seeped into so many women’s bodies and souls. It has become a part of who we are.


Our days are filled with stress, anxiety, exhaustion and being overwhelmed. Our body and soul is screaming for our attention. We are trying so hard to keep it all together.




I am Sabrina Davis, a life coach and spiritual mentor who works with women who are ready to reclaim their power and live unapologetically.


It is time for you!


To want a life that does not leave you feeling drained and exhausted
To feel comfortable with saying “no” and not over explaining yourself
To fill your life with what lights you up.


I am on a mission to see women stop apologising for who they are.


I would love to have you along for this journey.


Are you keen?


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