Do you want to lead a courageous life?

Do you want to live from your heart?

It takes courage to live the life of your dreams
It takes courage to step outside the box and listen to your heart
It takes courage to show the world YOU!

Are you ready?
Are you on a journey and feel like you are still fumbling along?
Or are you not even sure where to start?

“Courage starts with showing up and
letting ourselves be seen”
– Brene Brown


Hi, I am Sabrina Davis, I am a transformation life coach supporting women on their journey of discovering who they are by exploring their self expression.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ and not known because you’re so unsure how to answer? You are finding that you are going through the daily motions of life, and you’re feeling lost. That spark you once had is gone and your eyes do not light up like they used to.

My own journey started a few years ago, where I found myself at one of my lowest points. I was extremely overweight and my days were filled with anxiety and panic attacks. For years I felt like I was merely existing, I felt empty inside, I felt like I was just a shell.

Even though it may have appeared to outsiders that my life was good, inside I was feeling numb. I was feeling so completely opposite to who I knew I was. Life for me was meant to have a bounce in my step, and I was meant to feel light and full of possibilities, you know to feel like anything is possible?

I had completely lost my confidence and my self worth. I was feeling so incredibly stuck in life, wondering what I was doing? Where had the spunky me gone?

As I look back at it all now, I was unaware at how much I had stopped myself from enjoying life, from having fun and speaking my mind. I had begun to wonder what was I doing, as the way I was living was not what I wanted at all. I knew that I had to find a way to connect with my inner spark.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”
– Socrates

So I started to make changes to my life, and I began finding small ways to connect back to me,
This involved exercising instead of watching TV and cleaning up my diet instead of eating junk.
I found I was losing weight and I was beginning to feel alive instead of numb. I had a feeling of accomplishment, and I could see the progress I was making. All these changes took time, it was certainly not instant and was not always easy. I had to keep food diaries, exercise on cold and wet nights. I was sore, tired and energised all at once.

Feeling so flat and lost did not happen overnight and connecting to myself was not an easy fix. This was so much more than just the unhealthy lifestyle I had created and was far deeper than I was ever aware of at the time. I was learning so much along the way; like how I am allowed to make myself a priority and that I mattered. As I look back at it all now, I can see how I was searching for myself and how my passion for life was starting to surface.

After years of feeling numb and empty inside I had taught myself to take comfort in food rather than to actually let myself feel any emotions. I had to give myself the space and freedom to feel rather than eat a block of chocolate. It meant that I would end my week by exercising, instead of unwinding by drinking a bottle of wine. I had to find ways to not allow food to mask my emotions as they started to bubble up. The thing is as I was giving myself the freedom to explore my emotions I could start to see the light out of this dark tunnel.

I found so much of my energy was consumed by anxiety, as my brain was in constant overdrive, working out twenty seven different variations to what would happen if I just tried one new thing. Over the years I had built so many walls around me, and challenging this by trying to step outside these walls was hard. I was feeling so isolated, lonely and craving connections with others that I just had to do it.

Each small step,
Each small change,
It all mattered!
It all made a difference!

So many amazing things started happening in my life once I started nourishing my body and my soul. I was noticing the anxiety was lessening, I was waking up with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face.

I found I was no longer lethargic and I was full of energy. I was choosing to challenge myself, step outside my comfort zone. I was pushing fear aside and choosing to enjoy life!

I was feeling ALIVE!

Life today feels so incredibly different and I feel like I should say I am no longer the same person. However that is not true, this is my journey and all of its parts have made me who I am. Yes I was lost there for a while, however what I have found now is incredibly powerful.

I have connected with my passion for life.

 There are moments where I catch myself, grinning ear to ear, proud of myself, because of the action I took in that moment. I now find myself speaking my mind and with the confidence to express my thoughts and feelings.

So why do I share all this with you? It is for two reasons. I need you to know you are not defined by your story. It is your journey and while it may not always make sense, there were experiences you needed to bring you to today. And I need you to know that the life you are working on creating, where you are confident, snazzy and expressing yourself, that is all yours for the taking.

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”
– Oprah