The mid year check in

When the first of January rolls around, it is very common to check in with our self and set goals, new year resolutions, or a theme for the year. Most of us do this. The New Year has a buzzing vibe and the excitement of 12 months ahead of us to change our lives.

Then as the year rolls on, and the normal daily stuff needs to be done, that goal for the year can be forgotten about. Our brains tell us we failed, but there is a whisper of “we can try again next year”.

The thing is though you don’t need to wait to next year!

You can use the the half-way mark of the year as a time to connect with yourself and what you want for the remainder of the year. You can create new goals whenever you want; you do not need a shinning new year to connect within.

So make some time to connect with yourself, hermit away a little, journal and listen to what it is you want from your life.

When setting your goals, I have some tips to share with you –

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