What I learned from thinking I wanted structure

I have always been someone who has struggled with setting up a consistent routine that lasts me 52 weeks of the year, 365 days. And I have seen it as a negative. I have used words like struggle, hopeless, not committed, unfocused.

I have criticised myself for not wanting to exercise the same way every single week of the year. I would tell myself I am a failure because I don’t get up the same time every single day.

I would tell myself if I could bring structure to my life I would be more successful. It would make me more productive, I would get more results.

I have spent so much energy fighting myself. I have tried so hard to bring about this routine to my life, because I felt that it would make me a successful adult.

I remember one New Year when January rolled around, I told myself – “this is the year you will bring routine to your life, you need this structure.”  I tried diaries and Excel spreadsheets.

I told myself that I wanted to wake up the same time, exercise the same way and time, eat the same time, go to bed the same time, every single day.

Did it work?



Let me explain.

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